Birthday Partiers for Kids Outdoors

6 Ways to Celebrate a Child’s Birthday Outside

As a parent, you want your child to have a great time every year on their birthday. You may not like how much damage they can do to your home though, which is why you should consider some outdoor party ideas. No matter which of the six ideas you pick, your child and their friends will have an amazing time!

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

Throwing an ultimate scavenger hunt is easy to do outside. All you need is a list of things for kids to find such as leaves and flowers. This idea works no matter how many kids attend the party. You divide the children into small groups and give each one a copy of the list. The first team that returns will all items will win. If you have limited time, give them 30 to 60 minutes to find as many things as they can. Older kids might prefer a version of this game where they need to take photos of them doing things such as climbing a tree and doing a handstand.

Water Balloon Tag

When you plan a kids’ outdoor party, think about activities that they cannot do inside such as having a water balloon fight. Make sure that all of your guests come in clothing that they don’t mind getting wet or dirty. Let the kids divide into teams or play as individuals and hand out balloons filled with water. They will love throwing the balloons at each other and getting tagged out when they get hit. You may even want to fill the balloons with colored water and encourage the kids to wear light clothing that shows those colors.

Beach Party

Turn any outdoor venue into the ultimate beach party. You can go all out with some sand that you place on tarps or sheets to recreate the feeling that you get on the beach. Use kiddie pools filled with water to encourage kids to relax and cool off. Inflatable turtles and other dolphins will help with the beach theme. Don’t forget to bring plenty of lawn and camping chairs for your guests and some fun beach snacks such as tropical fruit juices and cold sandwiches. 

Movie Night

There are several ways you can show kids’ movies outside. There are inflatable screens that are easy to set up, but you can also hang up a sheet or use an old projector. You’ll also find devices that allow you to stream movies that you download to your phone along with films from Netflix and other services. While you should serve birthday cake, look for snacks that kids love to eat while at the movies like popcorn and hot dogs. Let the birthday boy or girl pick the movies they want to see.

Tie-dye Celebration

Making tie-dye clothing is fun, but you may not want to do this activity inside because the dye can get everywhere. You need fabric dye in different colors along with buckets for the dye and clothing to color. If you’re on a budget or don’t know what sizes of clothing to buy, ask guests to bring shirts to dye. It’s also easy to dye other fabric items like tote bags and hats. The kids will love dipping the fabric into the buckets and seeing some of the fun designs that they can make.

Field Day

Do you remember all of the fun you had during Field Day at school? You can recreate that feeling outside with similar activities such as individual and team races. Don’t forget to bring trophies that you hand out to the winners of each event. Kids will love competing against each other and showing off their athletic skills!

Once you decide on an outdoor party idea, call us to see how we can make the day special. At Chartwell Gardens, we have plenty of room for these activities and many more. You will have all of the space that your guests need and areas where you can host other fun events. With seven pools, a rustic-chic gazebo, and 15 acres to spread out on, Chartwell Gardens is known throughout the Delaware Valley and Burlington County as a premier event space. Give us a call today so that we can help you plan your next event.