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Plan Your Celebration of Life at Chartwell Gardens

Chartwell Gardens is a beautiful summer camp in the Delaware Valley that’s best known for summer day camp events. However, our 15-acre oasis might be the perfect spot to host a memorial service.


As we make the transition from this life to the next, it’s important for our loved ones to be able to gather and say goodbye. Memorial services have a reputation for being somber occasions, but they’re a necessary part of the grieving process. It’s also often the only way that people of a certain age ever manage to get all their friends back together in one place. This occasion doesn’t have to be a sad one. Chartwell is a unique location ideal for hosting a fun, casual event that friends and family are sure to never forget.


Below are just a few great reasons to consider Chartwell Gardens for your celebration of life. Contact us any time to schedule a free no-obligation tour of our 15-acre facility located in Marlton, New Jersey.

Chartwell Gardens brick path and flowers

Upgraded Facilities

Our 15-acre facility features all the room that you’ll need to gather everyone together in a peaceful and bucolic location. You can rent out the entire camp for your event and hold your memorial service at our newly constructed on-site pavilion, or choose one area from among our gardens, , ponds, monarch butterfly sanctuary and more. One of the great features of Chartwell Gardens is the flexibility it offers for any event.

Memorial services and funerals are particularly difficult for young people. Fortunately, we can provide a lot of great ways to let them blow off some steam after they’ve sat patiently for as long as possible. There will also be ample seating for all your attendees as well as plenty of available entertainment options for the adult celebrants. We can even set up canopies to create private areas for the family to spend time alone or receive guests one at a time.

 Beautiful Grounds

Most of the people who come to Chartwell Gardens head directly to the pool, and who could blame them on a hot summer day in the Garden State! But if you look around, you’ll see stunning gardens and beautifully landscaped paths. If you’re the type of person who’s happiest outdoors, your friends and family can see you off with the sun to warm them and the scent of freshly mowed grass filling their lungs. From our peaceful patio area to our active sports fields and splash park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Convenient Location

Burlington County and the Delaware Valley offer a convenient central location in New Jersey. We’re also a short ride from Philadelphia International, and Newark Liberty International Airports, JFK, and La Guardia.

We also have everything you need for your life celebration right on-site. Guests can beat the heat at our pools or splash park and relax in the shade at a comfortable picnic table. And while hosts can certainly bring their own food, drinks, and décor, our team is here to make the day a bit easier. Take advantage of our all-American BBQ options so your family has one less thing to worry about at this difficult time.

Legendary Service

We take a lot of pride in our camp, and every member of our staff shares our commitment to providing a customer service encounter that’s second to none. We know that your family and friends will be struggling to deal with their loss, and we’ll take great care of them.

Red and Yellow Day Lilly at Chartwell Gardens
Red and Yellow Day Lilly at Chartwell Gardens

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We hope that you found this information helpful, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a free no-obligation tour.