Tips for Making Your Outdoor Baby Shower Memorable

An outdoor baby shower in New Jersey can be an enjoyable event for the mother and her guests. If you are considering an outdoor baby shower at Chartwell Gardens’ 15-acre estate, here are some planning ideas and tips that will make the event special.

Choose the Theme

Choosing the New Jersey outdoor baby shower theme is the first step. It will influence how you plan the rest of the shower. Do you want something elegant, season-related, or casual? Once you have decided on a theme, there is no end to all your available options. Make sure to design invitations in harmony with the theme.

Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations do not need to be fancy. However, having a good color scheme in mind can add life to the place. A few balloons, coordinated napkins and paper plates, and outdoor signs can make an outdoor space feel festive. Beautiful trees and lush grass are nature’s way of adding to the baby shower decoration. If you celebrate in spring or early summer, blooming flowers will also add to the appeal.

Food can also serve as a decoration. What is more attractive than walking up to several well-designed tables with beautifully presented food? Vibrant colors in cupcakes, rich colors in barbecued meats, and the variety of colors provided by cut fruit all add to the beauty of the event.

A gift table with different baby items can also serve as baby shower decorations. You could ask guests to bring gifts wrapped in wrapping paper that match the event’s color scheme. Someone could be in charge of stacking the gifts neatly so that everyone can see and appreciate them.

Less can be more when talking about decorating the outdoors. You may not want to detract from the beautiful natural view with artificial decorations. Still, you can add to what nature offers without stealing her spotlight.

For example, a balloon arch can be the perfect focal point for your outdoor baby shower. They can be customized to match your color scheme. Why not make the area with the balloon arch the place where you open your gifts? This is perfect for photos.

Your balloon arch can also help guests know where the main gathering point is and will guide them to the event if they are new in the area. Another option is a balloon banner. It’s not as large, but it has the same basic effect.

Outdoor Baby Shower Activities

As you plan your outdoor baby shower and come up with ideas, think about what you want your guests to do at the shower. The gift opening part of the shower allows the parents to thank guests in person. Most baby showers include snacks and cocktail hour, allowing guests to talk among themselves. Including outdoor games can make the event more fun.

Chartwell Gardens’ 15-acre property makes it easy for you to set up outdoor activities, including corn hole tosses and ladder golf. Field day games, such as tug-of-war, wheel barrel races, egg and spoon races, dodgeball, and water balloon tosses, can bring out your guests’ competitive side. The mom-to-be can sit back, relax, and judge the event.

What If It Rains?

You can plan a pretty baby shower, but you can’t control the weather, so think ahead. Ask your guests to bring umbrellas. Chartwell Gardens has several beautiful pavilions that will allow you to move the party inside until the rain passes. On the positive side, rainy days have the perfect lighting for photography. So, make sure that you get a bunch of pictures.

Start Now and Plan for Success

Chartwell Gardens is a place for outdoor celebrations and events in the Delaware Valley. Our entire 15-acre estate can be rented out, or just enjoy part of it for your baby shower. The beautiful scenery of the trees and greenery will add to your baby shower d├ęcor and enhance the enjoyment you have with friends and family.

Setting the scene and decorating is important if your baby shower is going to be a success. It is also important that you get prepared for other parts of the day. Don’t forget the basics, like drinks, games, invitations, cakes, and party favors to thank your guests for attending. We would love to show you more of our Chartwell Gardens property and share more ideas on how you can make your baby shower a success. Contact us today at 856-983-8827 or reach out online.