The Monarch Butterfly Festival is an event that promises a day filled with wonder, education, and fun for both kids and adults alike. Monarch Lifecycle Exhibit: Delve deep into the fascinating world of Monarchs by experiencing their lifecycle stages firsthand – from eggs to caterpillars, chrysalises to butterflies.

An expert educator will demonstrate the challenges Monarchs face and discover tangible steps you can take to help ensure their survival. From milkweed planting tips to reducing pesticide use, every action counts.

Activities include engaging the little ones with butterfly-themed crafts, face painting, swimming, and releasing Monarch butterflies. Entertainment: Live bands, Live DJ, Sky Diver parachuting into Chartwell Gardens.

The Golden Knights U.S. Army Parachute Team are coming to Chartwell from Fort Bragg!

Chartwell Gardens Monarch Butterfly Festival

Food Trucks: A variety of food trucks will be there, so come hungry! Interactive Workshops: Dive deeper into understanding butterflies with sessions like “Gardening for Monarchs” and “Photographing Butterflies”. A variety of butterfly-themed crafts, jewelry, art, and local organic produce will be available for enthusiasts to take home a piece of the festival.

Live Butterfly Release: The day will conclude with a heartwarming butterfly release ceremony – a moment of unity and hope for the future of Monarchs. The Monarch butterflies being released will originate from our area designated by the International Audubon Society as a Monarch Sanctuary and embark on their journey back to Mexico.

Free for Chartwell Family Oasis and Chartwell Happy Day Camp members. $10/adults. $5/kids.