If you’ve been struggling to choose a date for your big day, you should consider a spring wedding! Springtime in the pastoral Delaware Valley is always pretty special and a perfect backdrop for your big day. Chartwell Gardens offers a beautiful 15-acre site with convenient access to anywhere in central New Jersey, and it’s a short ride from several major airports.

Choose Your Date Carefully

If you want to have a well-attended wedding, be sure to keep your guests in mind when you’re scheduling the date. Memorial Day Weekend, Mother’s Day, and Easter Sunday will be conflicts for just about everyone, so schedule accordingly. If you’re expecting guests of other faiths, don’t be afraid to ask them any time that you have concerns about scheduling.

Be sure to notify your guests at least four months in advance, if possible. Destination weddings take a great deal more advanced preparation, and your guests will appreciate plenty of notice so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements. Travel restrictions may still be in place, so keep in mind where your guests are coming from to ensure a much better turnout for your special day!

At Chartwell Gardens, we’re a place for outdoor celebrations and events, and we’re happy to host your special day. If you do have any guests coming from out of town, we’re close to Newark Liberty International Airport, JFK, and La Guardia.

Keep It Casual

We’re living in a much more casual world, and it’s not nearly as unusual to attend a wedding in jeans or khakis. A few decades ago, people would talk if you didn’t show up to an important wedding in your finest attire, but wedding traditions have changed a lot. But when it comes to outdoor weddings, casual can be really classy!

Many couples opt for a more dressed-down “come as you are” event for a second marriage later in life, but an increasing number of young couples are also choosing a more low-key ceremony. We offer a pastoral backdrop for an elegant spring wedding, and we can provide tented seating for all of your guests as needed in addition to our brand-new rustic pavilion.

Expect the Unexpected

If you don’t like the weather in New Jersey, just wait a minute for it to change. No bride wants to think about rain on her wedding day, but it’s not nearly the curse that you think that it is. In fact, it’s considered good luck! Photos look amazing on a cloudy day, and you might even be able to see a beautiful rainbow peeking through the clouds. The Delaware Valley is almost as beautiful as you will be in your wedding gown, and a little bit of rain isn’t going to change that!

You’re going to have enough on your mind on your wedding day, and you don’t need to wait until the last minute to deal with inclement weather. We work with all of our wedding parties to develop a rain contingency plan, and we’ll keep an eye on the weather so your guests won’t have to. The good news is that we have plenty of covered outdoor seating available and even more experience keeping guests safe and comfortable during severe weather events.

There’s nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding celebration, but our team at Chartwell Gardens is always here to help when you’re ready to start some new wedding traditions. We hope that you found these ideas useful as you prepare for your outdoor wedding, and we encourage you to schedule a free no-obligation tour of our beautiful facility.

Chartwell Gardens is a place for outdoor celebrations and events, and we’re conveniently located in Burlington County. Contact us online or give us a call if you have any questions!